We believe flea markets are an excellent opportunity to bring some dynamic energy into our closets and to practice letting go things. And maybe, why not, if we are lucky, we could also find great deals in these markets.

So, let’s be (very) honest, we tent to accumulate a lots of stuff for different sentimental reasons:

But the reality is that it does not matter why those items reached our hands. Actually, what matters is

If you answer NO to most of these questions. It is probably time to let go those things, empty some space in your closet, garage, under your bed and give another person the opportunity to make use of it.



Be part of our Flea markets!!!

Next date: 11 July at the DAV Geschäftstelle Göttingen




Do you want to sell something at the market?

You have three options:

  1. You bring your own stand on 11. Juli
  2. You bring your stuff to the DAV stand 11. Juli and we sell it for you
  3. You bring your stuff to our Atelier (latest 10. Juli) and we sell it for you.

In any case let us know if you are taking part in the Outdoor Flea -markt (info@ale-allezup.com)

Do you want to donate something to the DAV or Gö Wald?

Just let us know to info@ale-allezup.com