Allez Up! is a 3S Business, Slow, Small and Sustainable. I produce clothes for climbing, bouldering and more. Allez Up!’s aim is to produce clothes that fit you, suit you and are socially and environmentally fair produced.

Allez Up!’s products are made of fabrics produced in Germany and certified by GOTS (Global Textile Standard international Working Group), and/or of up!cycled materials, such as old climbing ropes and other textile rests. Each piece is cut and sewn in Allez Up!’s Atelier in Göttingen (Germany) and made with love and passion for you.


I take

I take time to produce your orders. Speed of life has increased incredibly, while at the same time our patience and chances to enjoy reduce. Thus, I believe that slowing down our lives would be beneficiary for all of us and the environment.


At the moment, Allez Up! is one-woman show, with a lot of support from friends and family. Although, in our my vision Allez Up! should grow, the aim is to keep it small.


Sustainable and sustainability have become overused (and sometimes abused terms) term. At Allez Up!, we see sustainability as the use of current resources without compromising its use by further generations and maintaining a balance between environment, society and economy. 

We use fabrics which have been certified as environmentally friendly and we are always on the lookout for new materials which improve performance and reduce environmental impact. 

We care about the social impact by buying certified products. This means that from the cotton plantations to the fabric production, the loan workers received is fair and the work is done fulfilling security standards. Moreover, the cutting, sewing and marketing of our products is done in Germany, under fair working conditions.

Finally, we donate a percentage of our earnings to initiatives we believe in, like Kabutze, and engage actively in different activities such as Upcycling Workshops and flea markets (You can see more of this in Events).

Allez Up! Atelier


Hi, I am Ale, the founder and the biggest fan of Allez Up!. I was born in Colombia and I am local to many places: Salamanca (Spain), Västerås (Sweden), Kampala (Uganda) and Göttingen (Germany). I have many hats, interests and passions. But one thing that connects all of them is the search for the unknown, to follow the “Yes and …”, the need to push the limits, to find new ways, to puzzle until the solutions appear and paints a smile on my face.

I am very excited about Allez Up! because I see it as an opportunity to bring my passions and my love for nature together. Will we have success? The question is irrelevant, every step towards our dream is in itself a success! Although for now, Allez Up! is a “one person company”, I like using the plural “We”, and I have three main reasons for this:

  1. Every time you purchase one of our products, come to one of the workshops or support Allez Up! in any way, you become part of it and we (I) are very thankful for it!
  2. I see Allez Up! growing and becoming a bigger team.
  3. Last but definitely not least, because Allez Up! would not exits without this wonderful group of people, who believe in it, support me, and help with their expertise, feedback and love.